Tabtech s.r.o.

Tabtech Ltd. entered the market with production and distribution of adjustable hydraulic lift tables and similar devices, primarily to equip veterinary practices and clinics both on the domestic and a European scale. Manufacturing of these devices has recently been established in a sister company Strojírenská výroba HBH Ltd. which together with Ing. Jaroslav Michlík follows in a long tradition and experience in the field.

Ing. Jaroslav Michlík has been working in the field of medical technology since 1973. In the early years, he focused his interest on business and service activities. However, the number of own developed and manufactured products with focus on veterinary use was increasing. In particular, cooperation with our veterinary surgeons since 1998 created a complete range of products for this sector. On the basis of very good contacts with clinical workplaces, the basic offer is constantly improved and completed. In addition, brand new models of tables are designed. We focus primarily on ergonomic and high quality design with accessories and we do not intend to reduce these requirements.

Due to the fact that we have our own development, we are able to adjust our products to the individual needs of our users or to design and produce a completely new product.

As you can see from our range of products, we cover primarily the field of veterinary practice of small animals. We have also produced a variety of different tables and accessories for our foreign customers from the field of research and biotechnology. We have used the experience and unusual solutions from this field in other sectors.

Our range of products includes also some special products for use in veterinary practice of horses and cattle. Due to this experience we intend to engage in this sector more and more and expand our offer with new products.